Werewolf Serenade: The Feature Film

Still from the film Werewolf Serenade of Peter and Konrad

Love Means Never Having to Say You’re a Werewolf

I’m the Producer and Production Designer for Werewolf Serenade, an ultra-low budget werewolf-comedy for the art-house crowd. The film sprang from conversations with my collaborator and husband Writer/Director Daedalus Howell about old horror films, intellectual films of the seventies, academia, Young FrankensteinRocky Horror and a general “madcap” vibe.

Starring Daedalus Howell as Peter, Emily Keyishian as Julia, Mark Robinson as Konrad, and Matt Standley as Stu. Also starring Alia Beeton, Michelle Torres Maxson, Natalie Crafts, Rapheal Gavin, Mike Schaeffer, Miyoko Sakatani, Rose Roberts, and Steve Jaxon. Produced by Kary Hess and Daedalus Howell, and written and directed by Daedalus Howell.

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