Shows the cover of the March Issue of Living Tarot Zine, a 4.25 x 5.5 inch 24 page zine about Tarot.

Living Tarot Zine: 12 issues

Living Tarot Zine is a 12-issue set of Zines spanning all four seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer.

Each issue of Living Tarot Zine contains a Tarot spread for the month, quotes, imagery and writing relating to that time of year. Also included in each zine are four different seasonal practices that are represented by a Tarot card. These practices bring the user closer to the seasonality of the year and help teach more about the meanings of the cards.

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Deck + Guidebook

Deck + Guidebook

The diverse and female-focused SparkTarot™ deck and guidebook comes neatly packaged in a box set. The rigid, two-piece box is ideal for storing and protecting the deck and its accompanying 178-page guidebook.

I painted the Tarot cards in watercolor and made them traditionally-sized (70mm x 121mm, 2.75″ x 4.75″) for ease of use.

I wrote an accompanying full-color guidebook that includes an image of each card with an inspiring interpretation for each card next to the image. The guidebook also includes an introduction to Tarot, information about each suit in the Tarot, and a Tarot spread with instructions on how to use it right away, making this deck ideal for seasoned and beginning users alike.

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Poetry Book

1912: Poems of Time, Place, + Memory

From the back cover:

In this unique, insightful collection of poems and pen and ink drawings, author and artist Kary Hess pours open her notebooks and invites readers to travel from Petaluma to Paris to Utah and back again in a knowing and humorous exploration of time and place, memory and meaning.

Throughout, a “poetry of reportage” emerges, that serves to remind us that memories aren’t remembered so much as rewritten within the context that they are conjured.

In 1912, Hess provides not only a way into her singular world but every reason to stay.

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