Visual Art

Painting in acrylic


This series of paintings explores the interconnectedness and life force of forests. It was inspired by the place where I grew up in rural Marin County.

My early experience with the natural world as a living entity influences my work and my values and beliefs about intelligence in nature, interconnectedness, and the character of the universe.

there are eYES IN THE BREW


This photography series was a companion to the natural dye work I did with my fashion brand Local Dialect.

The color, images, and life energy I saw in the dyepots inspired this series of photos based on the transformative properties and surprising, animated imagery of natural dye.

My favoriTe Pen is a ball point


I am always drawing. Many of these drawings are included in my poetry book 1912: Poems of Time, Place, and Memory.

I use drawing as one way to create a relationship between myself and the object of the drawing, whether it’s a person, place or thing.

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