Eco Fashion

Photo by Jude Mooney
Fashion Brand

Local Dialect

From 2015-2019, my eco-fashion brand was Local Dialect Clothing. I made and sold clothing that included: naturally-dyed silk camisoles and slips from local plants and mushrooms; clothing created from Climate Beneficial and organic fabrics; sweaters knitted from locally-made yarn, and participated in the local Fibershed movement. Go here for a gallery of images of my natural dye work with Local Dialect.

Natalia wears locally made halter top and skirt or Fibershed fashion show
Photo by Paige Green
Fashion Show

Fibershed Designer

I was a featured designer for the 2017 Fibershed fashion show. The Fibershed Fashion Shows showcase clothing from the area or “Fibershed” in and around the San Francisco North Bay. Clothing being from the fibershed means that all the fabric, dyes, and labor are all from the local area.

My model Natalia Bertotti wore a Local Dialect reversible halter top and wrap skirt made from California grown and processed Climate Beneficial Wool and hand-dyed with indigo and oak galls.

Go here for a gallery of images from the Fibershed Fashion Show

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