Writing With
A Sense of Place

Creative Writing

In this afternoon writing workshop, students will discover or develop a personal sense of place, and work with it to create deeper creative work.

You’ll share parts of your work with each other and using a gentle feedback process, learn about the strengths of that piece of writing.

The group will reflect upon its discoveries and each participant can then integrate them into their current writing processes, where they’ll not only invigorate a greater relationship with place in the writing itself but in the readers’ experience too.

How to Write
A Press Release

For Entrepreneurs + Creatives

Chances are they sent a well-crafted press release at the right time to the right editor.

In this 45-minute tutorial class, we will cover how to frame your story, proper formatting, and what information to include (and, as importantly, what not to include).

Media coverage not only gets the word out about your offering but also helps build credibility, provides social proof, and boosts your brand. Moreover, you can do it yourself.

How To Make
A Media Kit

For Entrepreneurs + Creatives
Thursday, March 14 at 1pm
Keller Street CoWork
Petaluma CA

After this workshop, you won’t miss those opportunities, or be scrambling around at the last minute — because you’ll have already thought everything through, and you’ll have all the elements you need to communicate the ideas you want to share.

You’ll learn the basics of a media kit for entrepreneurs and artists, and go home knowing how to create one for yourself.

Kary Hess

Can we be made of place? Who would we be if we all spoke the languages of our landscapes? The living relationship we have with land and its aliveness in our own bodies is what drives my work.

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